La Colombiana


       Desayuno (Breakfast)


Calentado - Mixed beans and rice with sautéed tomato and onions.  Served with arepa, fried egg and Colombian sausage  

Pericos - Scrambled eggs with onions and tomato.  Served with country potatoes and arepa   

Colombian Steak and Eggs- Carne asada steak (6oz), fried eggs, served with country potatoes and arepa


Breakfast Burrito Colombian Style - Beans, Eggs, Cheese and Aji (Colombian Salsa). Served with country potatoes   


Pancakes – Stack of 2, served with country potatoes and eggs 



       Colombian Breads


Pandebono – Cheese Bread (Saturday & Sunday only)  

Bunuelos – Colombian Delicacy (Saturday & Sunday only)   

Arepa – Corn Cheese Patty 


       Aperitivos (Appetizers)

 All appetizers come with Aji (Colombian Salsa)


Chorizo con Arepa – Colombian pork sausage served with lime and an arepa  


Papas Criollas – Unique Colombian yellow potatoes seasoned with Colombian spices 


Fried Plantains – South American fruit prepared lightly salted (Patacones) OR sweet (Maduros)  


Colombian Empanadas (4) - Beef, potatoes, onion and tomato wrapped in corn flour dough.  Vegetarian version with potato also available  


Colombian Yucca Fries - Lightly seasoned with garlic salt and Colombian spices  


Plantain Baskets (4) - Taste the Colombian Trio of potato and ceviche or carnitas, served in a plantain basket  


Scampi Colombian Style - Shrimp with onions, ginger, garlic and Colombian sauce.  


Ceviche - White fish cooked in lemon and lime juice with onions, tomato, jalapeno, avocado and Colombian spices.  Served with plantain chips  


Sopas y Ensaladas (Soups & Salads)

Add Chicken or Steak to any Salad - 


Beet Salad – Beets with tomato, onion and cilantro infused with citrus juices  

Spanish Cucumber Salad – Cucumbers, cilantro, onions, and avocados, served with Colombian dressing and plantain chips (thin patacones)  


Colombian Salad – Green and purple cabbage, onions, carrots, tomato and avocado served with Colombian dressing  


Sancocho (Colombian Soup) - Made with beef, plantains, yucca, potatoes, corn and Mama Eddy’s secret herbs and spices (Saturday & Sunday Only)  





Almuerzo y Cena (Lunch & Dinner)

All entrees come with Aji (Colombian Salsa)


Churrasco Colombiana- Flap steak served with rice, avocado, alzate salad, plantains (patacones) and chimichurri sauce. Cook to order  


Bandeja Colombiana - Carne asada with chorizo, beans, rice, arepa, plantains (patacones), avocado and topped off with a fried egg  


Carnitas a La Colombiana – Served with rice, beans, plantains (Patacones) and avocado  


Sobrebarriga - Flank steak cooked with criolla sauce.  Served with potatoes, yucca, rice and arepa  


Pescado Sudado – Cod filet sautéed in tomato, onions, yucca and potatoes.  Served with rice and Colombian salad 


Pollo Asado – Grilled chicken breast marinated in citrus juices and served with plantains, rice and Colombian salad  


Colombian Tamal - Made with pork, chicken, peas, carrots and potato.  Steamed in a banana leaf and served with rice and Colombian salad $13.95


Arepa Burger – Colombian style hamburger on an arepa “bun” with aji salsa and sautéed onions and tomatoes.  Served with french fries.   Substitute Yucca Fries -

Colombian Quesadilla – Grilled onions, cheese and barbeque sauce served in a tortilla with sour cream and avocado.

Add chicken or steak - 


Colombian Tostada – served on a fried plantain “tortilla” with beans and cabbage

Add chicken, steak, carnitas or ceviche - 



Plato del Pobre - Rice and beans topped with Aji salsa.    

Add chicken or steak - $3.00



Kid’s Menu

(12 Years and Under)   


Panackes and Egg- Two pancakes with one egg (ends at 2pm) 


Quesadilla – Cheese quesadilla with french fries  

Add chicken or steak 


Burrito – Bean and cheese burrito with french fries  

Add chicken or steak 


Chicken or Steak – with side of beans and rice  



A La Carte/ Side Orders


Empanada (1) – Regular or vegetarian  


Colombian Tamale (1)  


Chorizo (1)

French Fries 



Postres (Desserts)

Arequipe – A Colombian dollop of sweetness  


Flan Colombian Style – Creamy custard with caramel sauce  


Espresso Mousse – Colombian mousse infused with espresso and arequipe. Served with a dash of whipped cream    

Torta Negra (Wine Cake) - Colombian black fruit cake infused with red wine 

Choco Flan- Half rich chocolate cake and half famous Colombian flan


Bebidas (Beverages)


Fountain Drinks (Free Refills) - Coke, Diet coke, Sprite, Root beer, Lemonade, and Fuze ice tea

San Pellegrino – 500ML  

Coffee or Hot Tea  

Café con Leche - Colombian Latte 

La Colombiana (Colombian Soda) - Kola Flavor  

Manzana (Colombian Soda) - Apple Flavor  

Pony Malta (Colombian Soda)Wheat soda brewed from barley and hops

Guanabana (Colombian Juice)Soursop Juice (Latin American Tropical Fruit)

Maracuya (Colombian Juice)Passion Fruit Juice  

Mora (Colombian Juice)Blackberry Juice  



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